App Developers in Manchester

Mobile App Developers in Manchester

Nebula Labs offers mobile app development in Manchester. We are specialist mobile app developers working with companies in Manchester, developing native iOS apps and Android apps. We also offer hybrid mobile app development in Manchester, developing mobile apps that work across both mobile platforms.
Nebula Labs offers Mobile App Development, scalable Platform Development, and Bespoke Software Development with a unique engineering-driven approach
We develop highly scalable platforms – known by the industry standard term APIs – either individually, as web-based applications, or alongside mobile apps to allow for cloud-based data storage.
We work with startups based in Manchester and investors investing in Manchester to build MVP mobile apps, web platforms and scalable APIs to allow them to prove their concept, gain traction, revenue, and create a strong mandate for further investment if required.
We work with SMEs based in Manchester to build innovative mobile apps, web platforms and database-driven dashboards to allow them to transform their business, improve their processes, take advantage of the Big Data revolution and Artificial Intelligence, and gain a competitive advantage as we enter the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

How can we help you turn your ideas into reality?

Our Areas of Expertise

At Nebula Labs, we believe that it's important to focus on specific areas of expertise, rather than take a jack of all trades approach. Thanks to this, as a client, you can be sure that we're experts in delivering highly scalable systems in these areas - rather than being generalists in all.
As well as complementing the work we've carried out already, these areas have been highlighted by Dynamo North East, Newcastle University's Digital Institute and the UK Government's Industrial Strategy as high-growth sectors of the future.

Whilst these are our areas of specialist focus, we're always extremely eager to discuss projects in new and emerging spaces, so please do get in touch even if your project doesn't fit directly in the areas below.

Our Technology Stack

To ensure that we deliver highly scalable market-leading solutions in all areas of our expertise, we use the following industry leading technologies, providing full-stack software development services:
  • Python (Django)
  • JavaScript (Node.js, Angular, Ionic, Cordova & React)
  • HTML & CSS (Bootstrap)
  • Go
  • Java (Android & Spring)
  • Swift (iOS & macOS)
  • Objective-C (iOS & macOS)
  • C++

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