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The Brief

To develop a platform and app that could support the future growth and development of Geeky Medics, originally set up as a successful online revision site by Dr Lewis Potter, during his third year in medical school in Newcastle. Dr Potter was frustrated with the poor quality of online medical education so started his project nine years ago.

Due to the success and growth of the online blog, there was a need to take the innovation to the next level and ensure it is future proved for further scale up.

The Solution

We developed the app for both IoS and Android which includes complex in-app purchase subscriptions and interactive exam content, and is used widely across top university medical schools throughout the UK.


It also supports the development of Geeky Medics global community of medical students, doctors, nurses, paramedics, physician associates, pharmacists, midwives and other healthcare professionals.

There has been over 100,000 downloads, with over 85 million views of our content from an audience spanning more than 150 countries

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