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The Brief

Personal training startup, Fit Gurus, asked us to develop the Gym Plan app for iOS to acts as the user’s very own digital personal trainer, providing an array of exercise plans, nutritional guidance and instructional videos designed to suit a variety of personal health needs. 


Our solution

We have developed an app with great versatility of functionality, it permits the users to modify their personal workout plans, so that the app can adapt to the user’s changing health context. There is also a one to one messenger facility with a human personal trainer who can help to give precise advice on the appropriateness of exercise plans, and on personal nutrition.  

The messenger feature means that the app integrates both digital and human contact with the user to heighten the user experience. The app was among the first to support the new Siri Shortcuts module of iOS 12. With a strong emphasis on creating a highly personal experience for each user, there is now the ability to record voice commands which pertain to specific tasks within the Gym Plan app itself. Without even opening the app, a user can ask Siri to tell them what their workout is for that day. 

Nebula Labs, in association with the team at Gym Plan, was able to create a mobile health and fitness app with a small budget and development team, comparable in virtually all metrics conceivable to large scale fitness apps such as FitBit Coach. 

The public response has been immense, with over 200,000 downloads being recorded since the radical overhaul of the app conducted by Nebula Labs in summer 2018, with overwhelmingly positive reviews reported. The client base stretches across hundreds of countries, and well over 10,000 cities. In addition, the age base of user covers most generations, from 18-80.   Significantly, this shows that if there is the ambition amongst tech startups to skew towards innovation in digital products and services, then it is possible to take advantage of the latest technologies and produce cutting edge, high quality software such as the Gym Plan app. 

Gym Plan was nominated the prestigious Apple’s App of the Day

"A major part of the success of Gym Plan has been our relationship with Nebula Labs. Without the support and expertise of their team it’s unlikely we would be enjoying such accolades and ‘App of the day’ and being featured in dozens countries across the world. They’re responsive to our demanding development schedule and attention to detail. Always going that extra mile to make sure our app release schedule is met and we achieve our goals. Trust, quality, reliability and tremendous value for money - we’re excited to see where we take the Gym Plan app together."

Paul Slater - CEO at Gym Plan
  • Paul Slater
  • CEO at Gym Plan
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