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Comprehensive refurbishment of the Council's tourism web platform, and the implementation of a bespoke Destination Management System.

Visit North Tyneside

The Brief

A comprehensive refresh of Visit North Tyneside, the tourism website for tourists and residents, with activities, events, and major attractions such as the Mouth of the Tyne Festival.


Our Solution

We provided a distinct new look as the site had retrained the same design for several years.  We also wanted to make it as attractive, accessible and user friendly as possible. One of the key improvements was introducing a mobile friendly version, to enhance user experience so people can access all elements while on the move.

The accessible guide is themed, for example into Eat and Drink, Family Activities, Outdoor sections, making it easy to find relevant information. 

A Destination Management System (DMS) provides the most up-to-date information on any given area, and businesses are able to advertise on the site. The Visit North Tyneside DMS system manipulates tourist data received from local businesses, such as guesthouses and restaurants, to provide comprehensive ‘pre’ and ‘post’ arrival information. 

The DMS has the potential to be further enhanced to facilitate hotel reservations, and transactions such as restaurant bookings. There is also the possibility to have a CRM (customer relationship management) module to provide reports on room/table availability based on the number of reservations registered in the system. These will enhance the site and businesses would have the ability to better plan and react to high levels of demand.

The ‘Getting Around’ section provides a guide to every mode of transport for travelling from outside and within North Tyneside. One highlight is the Find a Car Park feature. Adapting technology developed for Nebula Labs’ highly successful Parking Fairy mobile app, users can view pinpoints on a Google Map of all local council car parks, using data provided by the North East Combined Authority (NECA). Clicking on a car park pinpoint will display the number of spaces available allowing the user to better plan their travel in North Tyneside.





"Nebula Labs developed web-based platforms to promote key tourist destinations along with an annual festival. Now, they provide ongoing support. Nebula provided web development and ongoing support. Lines of communication are always open for minor changes and updates here and there. In local government, its very easy to follow the herd and seek off-the- shelf solutions to web development without really considering the user. I wanted user-friendly sites that could be adapted as technology developed on an ongoing basis. They're good people who want to help. That's really clear."

Pete Warne - North Tyneside Council
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