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A personalised digital solution that enables organisations to provide a workplace wellbeing programme for a sustainable positive impact on employee health and wellbeing, company culture and performance.

OptiMe Health & Wellbeing Platform

The Brief

To develop a comprehensive digital wellbeing platform for OptiMe, with a personalised approach that takes into account individual needs, challenges and aspirations, so employees can access support from anywhere and track their own progress, and employers can improve employee wellbeing, tackling sickness absence that costs the UK economy over £14billion per year. 

Our solution

With our previous work in the health and wellbeing industry, including with Fit Gurus and Geeky Medics, we were delighted with the opportunity to work with wellbeing specialist Bethany Ainsley, formerly of Nuvo Wellbeing to develop the OptiMe Workplace Wellbeing platform.

Funded by a GX Grant, the legacy from the Great Exhibition of the North which we were also proud to be part of, the premise behind OptiMe is that no two organisations and no two people are the same, and a personalised digital approach is needed.

We developed the Workplace Wellbeing platform so that employees can track how they are feeling on the various pillars of wellbeing, and can remotely access support in the form of information and multimedia contact such as video workshops, workouts, and recipes.  The approach takes into account individual needs, challenges and aspirations and enables employees progress at a rate that suits them.

We developed two web applications, an employee portal and an employer portal, which are branded with the logo, colour scheme and theme of the individual company. They are also responsive to ensure easy access to them by employees, even on smartphone devices.

Both portal web applications were implemented using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript & AJAX, and a Content Management System for OptiMe staff to use provided via Django CMS.

The Back-end technology involved Django API, written in Python language, and deployed to Amazon Web Services, using Elastic Beanstalk for elastic scaling as the user base fluctuates dynamically. This also worked with Amazon AWS S3 and CloudFront to ensure rapid content delivery, especially of Video content, and a PostgreSQL database.

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