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Humble Angel Records is a North East based digital music label startup.

Playlist Alert for Spotify


The Brief

Humble Angel Records wanted a Playlist Alert app that provides push notifications whenever a track you ‘follow’ is listed on a Spotify playlist, within hours of the listing taking place. 


The Solution

We developed a Native iOS App, built in Swift, that can track over 1 million tracks. It scrapes playlists listed in the Playlist Alert database, and watches the position, appearance, and disappearance of tracks from those playlists. If a change to the items on a playlist is made, then a push notification is sent to any users who ‘follow’ that track.

There is also an option for in-app purchases for a monthly paid-for subscription option.  It is used by music artists and music labels worldwide, with currently over 20,000 playlists tracked live via the app.


  More technical details include: 

     -  API built in Django Framework, using the Python language

      - Web front-end interface built using Django Templates, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

      - Heavy use of official Spotify API, and Spotify Login in the app, and of the Postgresql SQL database 

      - Hosted on Amazon Web Services using the high-availability Elastic Beanstalk deployment technology for scalability and reliability 

      - Task management via Celery

      - Caching of data via Redis NoSQL datastore


Available on the App Store

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