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A platform that connects IT professionals with the most interesting Tech positions, remotely around the globe, based on their skills and interests.

Interesting Work Remote Recruitment App

The Brief:

Interesting Work wanted a platform to redesign the job-hunting process, to make it easier, more efficient, and most importantly, more accurate in aligning candidates’ skills, goals and interests with work across the globe.  Employers benefit by getting access to the right candidates matched accurately to their company, culture and job requirements.

Our Solution:

We worked with the industry specialists on the Interesting Work Team in an agile manner to prototype, iterate and implement the Interesting Work recruitment app.

  • For candidates:

Jobs are matched using an AI algorithm that learns about users’ job experience and cultural fit, and matches them to jobs that best fit their needs.

We implemented targeted push notifications and emails which ensures that candidates are best informed of new opportunities. 

The solution also allows the user to build up a 'Virtual CV' through the app, and apply for jobs through a simple three-click application process.


  • For employers:

We implemented paid subscriptions via Stripe Subscription Payment Processing. Live Chat enables employers to talk with prospective candidates before they apply for jobs with them. 

The Web Based Employer Portal means that employers can chat to candidates who have chosen to share their details in a GDPR compliant manner. 


The technical solutions included:

  • Front-end: Native Android app using Kotlin, Android SDK, and Google Jetpack. Employer portal web application implemented using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript.
  • Back-end: Django API, written in Python language, and deployed to Amazon Web Services, using Elastic Beanstalk for elastic scaling as the user base fluctuates dynamically. Also worked with Pusher and ChatKit to implement Live Chat with employers via WebSockets. PostgreSQL database.

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