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Technology Incubation for your portfolio companies

Nebula Labs is the perfect technical partner for your investments, allowing companies that you have invested in who lack a technical founder or technical team in-house to create an MVP product and prove their concept, whilst de-risking your investment. Nebula Labs has significant success in developing mobile apps, platforms, APIs and chatbots for a range of startup clients, and can deliver a high quality MVP mobile app or web-based platform to ensure that your investments – particularly those lacking technical founders – can prove their concept and gain the traction, data and insights needed to go on to raise further investment.
Additionally, if your investment already has a CTO or technical team in-house, we’re able to work with them on development projects, providing extra capacity, or filling in where specific skills – such as mobile app development – are lacking internally, as well as ensuring that the best possible technical decisions are made to de-risk your investment.

Boost ConfidenceAnd de-risk your Investment

The team at Nebula Labs have a depth of startup experience which will help to de-risk your investment by ensuring that the right technical decisions are made – a service perfect to increase confidence in solo or first-time founders.

Ensuring Scalability Ensure your investments can scale successfully

Our experience – along with our engineering-driven approach – ensures that the technology solutions we develop for your investments have the potential for global scalability built into them.

Increase ValueBy proving traction fast and gathering data

By choosing Nebula Labs as your investment’s technology partner, you’ll be ensuring that your investee’s MVP product is launched on-time, on-budget and with the right feature set and analytic points so that traction can be measured and proven, allowing for much larger future investment rounds to be raised with ease on good terms. We’ll also build a value-boosting data locker for your investment, to ensure that valuable data and intellectual property held by the startup is fully capitalised upon.

Choosing the right technology For speed, scale and reliability

Our startup-building experience means that we can advise on the right technologies and platforms to build your investee’s product on top of for rapid development, security, scalability and reliability, and build a maintainable and iterable MVP-stage product to allow them to prove their concept.

We focus on building technology in six exciting high-growth areas: location based apps, real-time apps, smart data applications, data-driven platforms, blockchain and chatbots; using the latest programming languages and technologies to deliver robust and scalable solutions that genuinely add value to your investments.

Your Perfect Technology Partner

Nebula Labs can act as your investee’s expert technology team, developing delightful mobile apps and scalable web platforms to allow your investee team to prove their concept and gain further funding, all whilst de-risking your investment.

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