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An interactive location-based iOS and Android app built by Nebula Labs for Newcastle Startup Week.
Newcastle Startup Week returns
May 10, 2018
Nebula Labs develops Internet of Things Installation components for Great Exhibition of the North
June 27, 2018
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Nebula Labs was recently featured in the Teesdale Mercury newspaper, as part of a feature previewing the Great Exhibition of the North, occurring in NewcastleGateshead across the summer. It includes an interview with artist Steve Messam, discussing his upcoming sound installation ‘Whistle’.

Each day during the festival, at precisely 1pm, a series of locomotive train whistles will sound out around the edge of Newcastle city centre. Each whistle has been tuned to a different pitch so that they can all be distinguished. It is designed to recall the North’s heritage in engineering, and, in the creation of the steam railway.

Nebula Labs has partnered with Steve to provide the technical support for the installation – a opportunity that has proved to be unique from the typical app and web platform development work carried out.

Each whistle is controlled by a Raspberry Pi minicomputer. These have been programmed by Nebula Labs to control the release of compressed air through each whistle. This will simulate the cascade of steam that would produce the whistle sound on a locomotive. Each computer has been calibrated with the National Physical Laboratory’s atomic clock in London to ensure that they are simultaneously set off at 1pm every day during the festival. In keeping with the carbon neutral ethic of the Exhibition, the computers are powered by solar energy batteries.

You can read the whole article, including the interview with Steve Messam here:

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