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With our founding team possessing a vast array of venture-backed startup experience, and several startup success stories in our portfolio and currently in production in the labs, the team at Nebula Labs genuinely understand your technology needs as a startup.

Nebula Labs is your startup's perfect technology partner, working with you and your team to define, design and develop your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) from idea to reality, and allowing you to iterate and develop your product further after launch.

Additionally, if you already have a CTO or technical team in-house, we're able to work with them to give your startup more technical development resources, allowing you to fully capitalise on the first mover advantage.

Mobile Apps
iOS and Android App Development

We have a strong track record of developing mobile apps - both native iOS and Android, and hybrid web based apps - for highly successful angel and venture backed startups, making us your perfect mobile app development partner.

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Web Platforms
Big Data & Algorithm Development

We can develop a highly scalable web platform for your startup, developing custom proprietary algorithms on your behalf allowing you build up a locker of valuable intellectual property (IP) and take advantage of Big Data within your startup's product.

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API Development
API Development & Integration

We can develop an Application Programming Interface (API) for your startup, or integrate other companies' APIs to integrate with your platform, allowing you to have your startup integrate with other applications and services, and giving you a way to commercialise on the data that your startup owns.

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Chatbot Development
Facebook Messenger Bot Development

We can build a bespoke intelligent Facebook Messenger Bot for your startup, allowing your users to interact through a chatbot interface via Messenger, and incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) too to provide a great user experience.

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We focus on building technology for startups in six exciting high-growth areas: location based apps, real-time apps, smart data applications, data-driven platforms, blockchain and chatbots; using the latest programming languages and technologies to deliver robust and scalable solutions for your startup.

Your Perfect Technology Partner

We're currently supporting a range of tech startups within the labs, and have a strong track record of startup product development - MVP stage and beyond, making us your perfect partner to turn your idea into reality.

Startups in Production


Startup Success Stories

MVP Development Experts

With significant experience in building and launching successful Minimum Viable Product (MVP) apps and platforms, Nebula Labs is the perfect partner to scope, design and build your startup's MVP solution, helping you to deliver an app with the right feature set that your users love, on time.

Our Startup Specialities


With our proven ability to deliver successful and scalable solutions for startups, Nebula Labs brings confidence to your startup's Founders and Investors, safe in the knowledge that your technology will be suitable, highly scalable, and delivered on time.

Engineering Value

Our unique Engineering Driven approach ensures that we're always creating valuable proprietary technology for your startup, and ensuring that your startup's data value is maximised through a value-building data locker.

Accelerated Development

With our team's track record in startup platform development, you can be sure that your startup will be underpinned with the correct technologies to ensure scalability, reliability, and rapid development.

Funding & Finance

With our executive team having a strong background in tech startups, we realise how unpredictable and difficult cashflow can be - especially in the very early stages. As such, Nebula Labs offers bespoke financing solutions, including the potential for sweat-equity deals and deferred invoicing on a client-by-client basis. You won't find a software house with more flexibility.

Funding for North East Based Startups

Nebula Labs are a Registered Provider for the North East Business Support Fund. This means that we can provide app development, digital product development and website development services to North East based startups that are subsidised by grant funding from the North East Business Support Fund.
We are a registered Provider for NBSL’s North East Business Support Fund helping businesses to improve their competitiveness. Find out more at Applications can be sent to

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