Visit North Tyneside Destination Management System

Newcastle Startup Week Mobile App 2018
May 11, 2018

Visit North Tyneside Destination Management System

  • TaskInnovative Destination Management Platform with responsive Tourism Web Experience for North Tyneside Council

Innovative Destination Management Platform with responsive Tourism Web Experience for North Tyneside Council

Nebula Labs recently collaborated with North Tyneside Council to provide a comprehensive refresh of their tourism website – Visit North Tyneside. The brief was to provide an accessible guide for both tourists and local residents demonstrating the wide variety of activities across North Tyneside – be they “Eat and Drink”, “Family Activities” or “Outdoors” related. Furthermore, it had to highlight significant events occurring in the borough throughout the year such as the Mouth of the Tyne Festival or the Whitley Bay Carnival.
The previous version of the site had retained the same design format for several years and thus there was a strong emphasis throughout the development process on providing a distinct new look. One of the biggest improvements that the design refresh brought was the introduction of a ‘mobile friendly’ version of the site. A significant enhancement of the user experience, visitors can now easily access all elements of the website whilst on the move around North Tyneside.
A Destination Management System (DMS) has been implemented which provides the most up-to-date information on any destination in a given area. Businesses that wish to advertise on the site, give their details to the local authority who uploads this to a central database. From here, several integrated modules within the system are utilised to store, distribute and manipulate this tourist data in the most effective way possible. For example, the DMS system used on the Visit North Tyneside site manipulates tourist data received from local businesses, such as guesthouses and restaurants, to provide comprehensive ‘pre’ and ‘post’ arrival information. There are possibilities for the DMS to be enhanced from its current form to facilitate hotel reservations and transactions, such as restaurant bookings. Furthermore, a CRM (customer relationship management) module would be able to provide reports on the level of availability based on the number of reservations registered in the system. It gives tourist sites like Visit North Tyneside the ability to better plan and market for significant times of the year to react to high levels of demand.
The ‘Getting Around’ section aims to provides visitors with a guide to every potential mode of transport for travelling from outside and within North Tyneside. One highlight of this section is the “Find a Car Park” feature. Adapting technology developed for Nebula Labs’ highly successful Parking Fairy mobile app – website users can use an augmented Google Map to view pinpoints of all local council car parks, using data provided by the North East Combined Authority (NECA). Clicking on a car park pinpoint will display the number of spaces available allowing the user to better plan their transport plans to tourist spots in North Tyneside.

Technologies Used

  • Python (Django & GeoDjango)
  • PostgreSQL Database
  • Amazon Web Services
  • North East Combined Authority Open Data
  • Google Maps JavaScript API
  • HTML/CSS (Bootstrap)/JavaScript (jQuery)