Reflecting upon 2017: the tech that changed our lives in the past year

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The Financial Times recently published an article that caught our eye – ‘From Alexa to AirPods: tech that changed our lives in 2017’. Here’s a summary of our thoughts on how our technological habits have changed our everyday lives in the past twelve months.

In 2017, wireless technologies finally hit the mainstream after years of refinement and development. After their release in December 2016, Apple AirPod’s bought truly wireless headphones to the mainstream and over a million Apple Airpod’s were sold the US alone. Apple also got behind wireless charging last year, with the latest iPhone’s adopting the industry standard (Qi), and as a result, wireless charging has become common in cafes and restaurants. Mobile payments have also been widely adopted this year, with an estimated £700 million spent using mobile payments in the UK alone. 2017 has certainly proved to be an exciting year for technology, but we can’t help but wonder what 2018 will bring. Nebula Labs expects AR to take off this year. After initial success in the form of online games, businesses have already begun using AR technology to create immersive promotional experiences.

Charlotte Hughes
Charlotte Hughes
Copywriter at Nebula Labs.

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