Nebula Labs is a software house based in Newcastle upon Tyne, in the North East of England, offering mobile app development, web platform development, and bespoke software development for ambitious startups and entrepreneurs, and forward-thinking SMEs.

We take a unique engineering-driven approach to ensure that every solution we develop genuinely solves problems, has the potential to scale, and adds value to your business. We're your perfect technology partner.

We're based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, but we love to work with amazing partners around the Northern Powerhouse, around the country, and across the globe.

The Engineering Driven Approach

Our Engineering Driven Approach puts engineering quality and innovation above everything else - so you can be sure that your app uses the latest technologies, whilst always performing robustly.

The Engineering Driven approach is an IEEE recognised approach to successful high-quality software development, first theorised by John P. Workman, Jr.

Our Team

Nebula Labs is a team of talented and experienced software engineering experts founded in 2017, based in Newcastle upon Tyne, headed by two charismatic co-founders; Dylan McKee and Nic Flynn.

Dylan McKee
Co-founder & CEO

Passionate technologist, excited app developer, and enthusiastic tea drinker.

Dylan has a vast experience of mobile app development, developing his first iOS app - myAltitude - at the age of 13, which went on to achieve over 1 million downloads worldwide. Since then, Dylan has worked on countless apps over multiple mobile and web platforms for a variety of clients ranging from solo entrepreneurs and venture-backed startups to established SMEs and local government organisations.
Dylan studied Computer Science BSc at Newcastle University, and is also an alumni of the Ignite Accelerator Programme, completing their Summer 2014 programme and working with many of their portfolio companies on mobile apps.

Available to comment on:

Tech startups, North East tech scene, mobile app development, accelerator programmes

Connect with Dylan

Email: dylan@nebulalabs.co.uk

Nic Flynn
Co-founder & COO

Passionate web explorer, analytical networks expert, and coffee connoisseur.

Nic has a vast experience of network configuration, security and resilience, and web development, running his first public server - a Minecraft multiplayer games instance - at the age of 15. Since then, Nic has worked on a wide range of network and web projects, as well as gaining significant supervisory and managerial experience in the leisure industry.
Nic studied Computer & Network Technology at Northumbria University, and holds Cisco Certification.
Additionally, Nic has work experience in the legal sector at one of the region's leading law firms, giving him a strong underpinning in corporate law and governance.

Available to comment on:

Cybersecurity, cloud computing, computer networking, network operations, sensor networks, Internet of Things

Connect with Nic

Email: nic@nebulalabs.co.uk


Tech Challenge 2017

Invest South Tyneside Tech Challenge 2017 finalists.

Big Chip 2017

Big Chip 2017 'Best Mobile Application' award, shortlisted.

Dynamites 16

Shortlisted for Dynamo North East Dynamites 16 Innovator of the Year Award .

Living North 2016

Shortlisted for Living North 2016 Promise & Potential Award .

Engineering Driven Software Development for the Northern Powerhouse

The North of England, long famous for its industrial might and entrepreneurial drive, is now being recognised for its creative clout and innovative thinking.

Tech North Digital Powerhouse Report, 2016


Nebula Labs Limited is a limited liability company registered in England & Wales under number 10895345 and whose registered office is situated at Campus North, Sunco House, 5 Carliol Square, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 6UF, England. VAT Registration No. GB 274934470.